Your points of sale will have no problem carrying out the sales operation, inventory and billing control, from any with our POS system in the cloud.

pos system


Register each product that leaves your point of sale, without any inconvenience from our system, in an agile and easy way.



Register each customer who recurrently makes a purchase, so you can give them sales promotions for their loyalty.



Control every movement you make within your point of sale, so that all accounts are clear, and nothing is missing.



Manage all sales from our POS system with billing, which will allow you to always keep a record for accounting, with a descriptive header of your company, to give your customers a greater guarantee when buying.

And forget about that book of sheets. The best sales support always at your fingertips.

Base de datos Clientes

Customer Database

Register each customer, so you can speed up the billing process every time the customer comes back for more.

Your data will be stored in the system and every time it is necessary to invoice it will be visible in the system in order to add the corresponding invoice, the POS system will be able to store all your clients without any inconvenience.

detailed products

Each product registered in the database will be detailed in the entry system, with the intention of knowing what characteristic it fulfills and contains and can be differentiated from others with similar characteristics, photo, batch number and barcode will be useful to be able to carry an order and improve the display of products.

Servidor Independiente

Independent Server

Our POS system operates in the cloud, giving greater quality to the provision and functionality of the platform, which can be managed from any device with network access, hosted on totally independent servers that do not affect any performance of the information and operation of the system. point of sale.

Double screen

The double screen system in our POS system allows both the customer and the operator to see the values invoiced for the sale, while the operator reviews his inventory and carries out the effective sale operation, this allows both parties to see what is invoiced. and the customer's willingness to pay.

Doble pantalla