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functions and features

Our App will allow people to have real-time control of their inventories and thus see all movements, without the need to be inside the computer device.

This platform is purely informative, which will allow you to know what products it has in the inventory, you will also be able to see the entries, exits, the Kardex, billing reports that have been made within the periods or filters that you make, to see the movements.

With this App you can validate information such as:

Logimov App Entry


Filter by product, by date or see all the information of the entries that have been made.

Cellar filters:

There you will notice what moves have been made.

Logimov App Filters

With the Logimov app you can manage your merchandise and the stock in your company's warehouses


You will see from which warehouses they have come out, which products and you will be able to make cuts by date.

Outputs App Logimov
Kardex AppLogimov


You will see the Kardex status of each product, that is, the movements that have been made of a product in relation to the dates you want to know.


Reports, it is shown to which clients they have come, to which clients those effective sales have been made.

Logimov App Billing
Printing App Logimov

Invoice printing:

You will be able to search for a device, pin the information and print the invoice.


It's easy to use

You will have quick and easy access to the functions that the app presents to you, its design is easy to understand so there will be no confusion.


free s

By downloading our app you will always have free s, guaranteeing the maintenance and control over your inventories.


personalized support

We will attend to any inconvenience that may arise and we will promptly solve any problem that appears in the app.


Download the app

Find it in the App Store or Play Store and start enjoying the benefits that this software has for your company.

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