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What is Logimov ® ?

It is a complete inventory and billing system, with the advantage of being a completely WEB design, fast, efficient, with unlimited reports management, data export, maximum security and fully parameterizable.

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A brief overview of our software

Reasons to choose Logimov ®

We have a history of more than 8 years, in which we
constantly to meet the needs of the present market.

More than 2,265


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Print and import all the invoices of the processes carried out in a certain period, and make reports, with your corporate logo. You can select products, choose payment dates, discounts, totals and observations.



The most important thing in your business: your products. Keep a rigorous control of your movements, categories, price table, discounts, taxes and barcodes. Generate reports in seconds for either sales or purchases.



It is important to monitor the movement of inventories in real time, when you need it, both to the kardex, to the control of departures and the different transfers that are made outside your warehouses.

No installations, easy and fast!

We use the most innovative technology to
ensure a better experience.


robust software






Automatic ticket generation


Chat support, whatsapp, telephone

Compatibility with all browsers

Logimov ® software is not only compatible with all the different browsers on the market, it is also compatible with any device, be it tablet, stock or cell phone.

Available for any device

Funcionalidad de prestamos

loan functionality

Logimov ® has a loan module that will allow you to identify the product that is in use, by person, and the maximum date you have to return it, with traffic lights and notifications.

Codigo de barras


You can manage the entire inventory by barcodes, streamlining the search and entry of each product into stock.

Kardex en tiempo real y stock

Kardex in real time and stock

Through the coding of each product in stock, it will be possible to obtain more precise information in real time.

Multibodegas y traslados

Multi-warehouses and transfers

Logimov ® not only allows you to have the main warehouse of your company in the system, you can have all the warehouses in the system, register them according to their location point and carry out transfers between them.


The separation system allows you to have products in stock for the purchase of a customer, who, failing that, makes a quote but has not canceled the product.


Plans & Subscriptions

We have different plans, in order to cover the needs that your company has. Choose the most convenient and take advantage of all its benefits!


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Discover and stay d with our blog, you can find everything related to inventory management by our expert team.

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